Sedation Dentistry

The world of dentistry is huge. Dentist can do so much to give you a perfect, healthy smile. However, there are people who choose not to take advantage of these services due to fears of dental treatment. If you experience this anxiety, rest assured that it’s possible to have a complete anxiety and pain free appointment. By using sedation dentistry methods, your sensation of pain can be blocked with local anesthetics or medication to help you relax. Both may be needed for maximum comfort, especially if you experience extreme anxiety from the anesthetic injections.

Whenever you are afraid or anxious your guard rises and your pain threshold tends to go down. If you anticipate that something will hurt, you will normally become hypersensitive to every sensation, even sound. If you relate to this, you might benefit from sedation dentistry, where you can be given sedatives during your appointment to relax and comfort you.

Be aware that before any sedative is used you must provide your complete health history, any medication you take – prescription and over-the-counter, and if you smoke or drink. If you are being treated with sedation dentistry it may be necessary to have someone drive you to and from the appointment while the medication wears off.

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