What it means to be ‘LVI Trained’

If you are considering having dentistry done it is critical to know that your dentist has taken the time to get well trained. The simple fact is dental school only teaches dentists the foundation and from there they need to systematically and constantly continue their education and training to be able to understand and utilize the modern materials and techniques available. When you meet your dentist, it is fair to ask about his or her training and Continuing Education. As a matter of fact, it is your obligation!

As the largest and most comprehensive post-Doctoral dental educational facility, LVI has helped thousands of dentists from around the world expand their understanding and take better care of their patients. The fact that your dentist has taken advantage of the education offered at LVI is a testimonial to their dedication to their profession and will let you know that they have been exposed to information beyond what is taught in dental schools.

The LVI Curriculum offers a number of programs across the broad spectrum of dental education, however the Core Curriculum is the basic starting point. Each Core Course will allow them to bring techniques and procedures into their office and help their patients enjoy a better quality of life. So that you may be informed of what this training exposes them to, it is outlined below. As with anything, what we know is that by completing the various courses the doctors have been exposed to the material. How they utilize it and accomplish the dental treatment is something LVI cannot control.

In order to insure that you have the type of treatment you desire, it is important that you are comfortable with your dentist. Ask your dentist about their training. They are probably excited to talk about it anyway so welcome the questions. You should be able to communicate with and trust your dentist. If you do not feel like you can trust your dentist to take care of you and your family, you should seek a second opinion.

Dentistry is an amazing profession and through it we can make an incredible impact into people’s lives. Thousands of people across the globe are finding out what it is like to live without pain from a bad bite and enjoying a smile that makes their face glow. The Core courses at LVI are key to bringing that kind of dentistry into a practice and you have the right to have a comfortable and pain free mouth. Talk to your dentist about the power of Neuromuscular Dentistry and their training at LVI!

Our Doctors have completed the Core Curriculum at LVI including:

  • Core I – Advanced Functional Dentistry – The Power of Physiologic Based Occlusion
  • Core II – Orthotic Maintenance, Adjustment and Essential Aesthetic Reconstructive Techniques
  • Core III – Mastering Dynamic Adhesion in Complex Reconstructive Cases
  • Core IV – Advanced Principles, Case Stabilization, and Bite Transfer in the Neuromuscular Practice
  • Core V – Comprehensive Aesthetic Occlusal Reconstruction – Rehabilitation Begins
  • Core VI – Coronoplasty and Case Finishing – Critical Steps for Neuromuscular Success
  • Core VII – Full Mouth Reconstruction – Essential Tools for Finalization of Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

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